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Dr. Ravi Malik & Radix Healthcare staff in New Delhi

Dr Ravi Malik, Director, Radix Healthcare

Netizens have come out on social media to recognise and express their gratitude to Dr. Ravi Malik, Director of Radix Healthcare, as well as Dr. Ritesh Malik, and the entire staff at their 50-bedded family-owned hospital in New Delhi.

Stand-up comedia Appurv Gupta wrote:

Thanks to @drriteshmalik bhai for inspiring everyone.Whenever I visited @radixhealthind ,I can see everyone is working hard to save lives. And Super thanks to @drmalikravi Sir for creating this institution of good habits,love everyone and being humble always! More power to you!

More such tributes followed. Another Ashwarya Garg wrote:

There is no higher religion than human service. To work for the common good is the greatest creed. It’s insane to see how @radixhealthind @drriteshmalik have created the strongest SOP in the shortest time to the biggest human crisis management. #StayHome #WearAMask

Dr Ritesh Malik himself expressed gratitude to the selfless commitment of the 300+ staff at Radix Healthcare. He wrote:

Extremely grateful to our 300+ frontline workers at @radixhealthind who’re pulling off 24-48 hour duties at stretch to cater to the insane shortage of beds, O2, vaccines, Remdesivir, Toclizumab, Fabiflu. 55+ patients & over 50 patients in waitlist. Pls stay home.
Folded hands

COVID-19 protocol document in English and Hindi

To help COVID-affected families on COVID-19 related protocols to be followed, the Radix Healthcare team, led by Dr. Ravi Malik, has also published resource documents and guides in both English and Hindi.

Dr Ritesh Malik says:

हमने हिंदुस्तान के करोड़ों लोगों को कोरोना से बचाने के लिए एक प्रोटोकॉल बनाई है जिससे व अपनेआप और अपने परिजनों की रक्षाकर सकते है।हमइक्कठे होकर एकप्रण लेते हैं केएक भी मृत्यु कोरोना से नहीं होनेदेंगे।अब हमसब कोरोना डॉक्टर बनेंगे
"We have made a protocol to protect crores of people from Corona, so that they can protect themselves and their families. We collectively take a single death and we will not let any corona die. Now we will all become corona doctors."

You can download the guide in Hindi here.

The English guide is available here for download.

(Sourced from Twitter and other social channels by Team YourStory)

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#TogetherWeCan | #Covid19Tributes

If you’d like to share your tribute for a loved one you lost to COVID-19, or salute the efforts of healthcare workers and those on the frontlines, please fill up this form. We will try our best to include every tribute but request your patience and understanding if we’re unable to do this for all. Please be assured that your tributes will be regarded with the utmost respect that is due.