96-year-old recovers with 'flying colours'

by Siddharth Sivaraman

This is my 96-years-young grandpa, PC Vaidyanathan. He just beat Covid with flying colours.

My grandpa was born on August 28, 1925 and hails from a pristine village called Puthcode in Kerala. He has been living in Bangalore since June 6, 1942.

From dealing with ambiguities in HAL during World War 2 to the plague and Cholera epidemics that killed millions, to the partition that wreaked havoc in our country, to the Chinese war when everyone feared a Chinese invasion, to the AIDS epidemic, to the Kargil war, to the global recession, to the ongoing COVID Pandemic - he survived them all.

He had multiple opportunities to fall prey to fear and give up. Yet, he lives on to share words of wisdom with the world.

He believes his biggest strengths are devotion and discipline.

He wakes up when the sun rises, offers prayers to his God, eats only healthy food, has zero bad habits, and still does all his household chores independently.

My grandpa has a message for all of us:

“Do not fear death. Do not fear losing money or your job either. We have seen much worse and survived them all. Buckle up, fix a healthy routine for yourself. You will survive this crisis. This too shall pass!”

Thanks to every doctor, nurse, sanitation worker, security personnel, and everyone else for making our world a better place.

(By Siddharth Sivaraman, grandson of PC Vaidyanathan)

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