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Anju Ann Mathew

A humanitarian and philanthropist from Mumbai, Chinu Kwatra was on the ground during India’s first wave of the coronavirus pandemic, helping migrants reach their hometowns amid all transportation coming to a halt. Now, a year later, when people almost seemed to adapt to the new normal, the virus returned with a bigger and more ferocious wave. And so did Chinu.

Like the first time, Chinu, who has been actively involved in cleaning beaches in India, took to giving respite to those who needed it the most.

Amid the second wave, he and the members of his non-profit, Khushiyaan Foundation, are working on four main initiatives – three of which are being carried forward from their efforts during the first wave. All of their initiatives have been scaled up to meet the crisis of the second wave.

Firstly, they are providing oxygen cylinders to people and hospital staff through the ‘Free Oxygen Seva’ through Ananta Khushiyaan, a collaboration between the NGO and Ananta, a group of entrepreneurs who believe in giving back to society.

“We got about 1,000 calls a day through three of the circulated numbers. We purchase 10 cylinders and gave them to the very critical patients,” Chinu tells SocialStory.

Once the restrictions were announced again this year, Chinu started receiving calls from many of the last year’s beneficiaries – including migrant workers, transgender communities, and sex workers – who were desperate for help.

Humanity first - Chinu Kwatra

The team kickstarted their initiative again, and has since distributed about 1,000 ration kits to about 1,000 needy families, and are targeting 5,000 families whom they reached out to in 2020, through their 'Roti Ghar' initiative

They are also providing freshly-cooked meals to senior citizens and labourers who reside near their kitchens in Thane, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Odisha. So far, they have reached 2,500 children and are expanding to about 5,000 people every day, by mid-May.

Apart from these three initiatives re-started during the second wave, the team is also rescuing and helping stray animals in Mumbai.

They are expanding this initiative to the different regions of the city with the help of the feeders and rescuers across Mumbai who are provided with food and other items, who then cater to the animals in their own areas.

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