Rekha Balakrishnan

CovidAsha was initiated by Alysha Lobo in April this year as a chatbot platform on the web, WhatsApp, and Telegram for accessing real-time verified information for essential services like oxygen supply, ambulances, and blood plasma, among others.

The CovidAsha initiative has partnered with companies like VMware, Google, HP, Engati, and other companies who have provided engineers, product, and other experts who work tirelessly to make the bot process seamless. It is available in 55 cities and in eight languages.

Currently, CovidAsha has more than 3,500 active users and over 20,000 interactions since its launch. It provides relevant and verified suppliers in under two minutes of a conversation, and over 2,000 people have marked it helpful. It has a network of over 5,000 verified suppliers/affiliates on its platform. The team is also working on having the bot remove the inactive and unavailable suppliers to ensure the data is available for real-time use.

Talks are also on to include more partnerships to provide help to rural areas of the country where healthcare is needed the most. A tie-up with 1MG will now offer teleconsultation as well.

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