Dr. Niraj Jha and Santosh Singh

Shreya Ganguly

Hanuman Founders

Dr Niraj Jha, who received training in the emergency care segment, says the emergency care system is weak across the country. For example, we mostly find junior doctors in the emergency care section, but we need the most senior doctors in place because one doesn’t know what case would come in.

Realising the need to cater to the emergency care segment, Dr Niraj Jha along with his friend Santosh Singh launched Medicvisor Pvt Ltd, better known by its brand name Hanuman in 2020. The Patna-based last-mile delivery service provider offers immediate healthcare solutions, including ambulance services, diagnostic services, and home healthcare.

Prior to starting up, Dr Niraj was working as a hospital management consultant while Santosh was involved in client relations and marketing communications.

“Ambulance availability was already an issue in the country and COVID-19 only accelerated the problem by increasing its demand. In Patna, we also saw the soaring prices of ambulance services where a 10KM journey was charged around Rs 20,000. We decided to solve the issue through Hanuman,” Dr Niraj says.

Dr Niraj reveals that Hanuman’s journey began in July by launching a toll-free number to connect with ambulance services.

“At that time, me and Santosh travelled around Bihar to distribute PPE kits and also help train ambulances to take care of COVID-19 patients,” he says.

Dr Niraj says they also launched e-rickshaw ambulances equipped with oxygen cylinders to meet the growing need.

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