John Benjamin Nadar has been feeding the poor during the pandemic

Anju Ann Mathew

John Benjamin Nadar from Bhandup, Mumbai, has been doing social service for about eight to nine years now. He says he has been inspired by his mother who has been rescuing trafficked girls from the red light areas in Mumbai for the last 20 years. His father was also an active social worker, until his death in 2018.

For the last two years, John was working for an NGO called Against Malnutrition, but due to the coronavirus lockdown, the job took a pause in 2020.

“All of a sudden I didn’t know what to do sitting at home, without church or any community social activity,” John shares with SocialStory.

Around the same time, one of his friends told him about a Muslim community in the neighbourhood that was distributing food to those severely impacted by the pandemic. John got inspired and wanted to join them in their efforts, but his brother-in-law suggested that he should start on his own.

What started as an initiative called ‘Serving Humanity’, the team of seven, which distributed about 150 meal packets earlier, has now distributed over 40,000 food packs, and has reached more than 3,500 families.

“We are still continuing with the cooking and feeding programme, and providing grocery kits to widows in Bhandup West,” says John.

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