This NGO is caring for children who lost their parents to COVID-19

Anju Ann Mathew

The COVID-19 pandemic left many families in shatters, leaving many children unintentionally orphaned. Sadly, several children have either lost one or both of their parents to the virus or are left unattended because their parents have tested positive.

Amidst this, Delhi-based NGO SOS Children’s Villages — established in 1964 — as the name suggests, is taking on children who have lost their family to COVID-19.

SOS Children’s Villages of India protects children who do not have a family or those who are at risk of losing one. It focuses on providing children with a loving home, keeping their families together, and supporting young people to become independent.

At present, the NGO has over 6,500 children living in 440 family homes inside 32 SOS Children’s Villages in 22 Indian states and UTs. It directly impacts 28,500 children every year with more

Children with their mother at SOS Children's Villages Of India

In fact, it also advocates for the rights of 20 million children and young people, laying the foundation for their brighter future.

SOS offers two flagship programmes – Family-like Care and Family Strengthening.

A long-term care model, Family-like Care provides loving homes to children without parental care in Children’s Villages.

The community intervention model, Family Strengthening, works with vulnerable communities to prevent ‘at risk’ children from losing parental care by upholding family income through women empowerment and capacity building.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the NGO turned towards aiding severely-impacted children by providing long-term and short-term care.

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