Team COVID-19 Disinfection Agents from Hallmark Services

by Peshaan Khajotia

I'd like to honour the team of COVID-19 Disinfection Agents from the company, Hallmark Services. They are a pandemic-time healthcare startup, serving as a one-stop platform for COVID-19 Dry-Fog Sanitisation and Air Quality Management Solutions for residential, commercial and medical spaces based out of Mumbai.

May be an image of one or more people, hair, outerwear and text that says 'HS Hallmark Services PROFESSIONAL DISINFECTION SERVICES Why Hallmark Services? ULV fogger Eco-friendly and Non-Toxic. ✓Stainless and Odourless. ✓14+ years of experience. 99.99 % hit rate Approvedby BMC FDA EPA call: 919819745005 Il +919820020015 website:'

They are  WHO, BMC and CDC approved. The team has completed the following milestones in less than a year:

✅ 300,000 sq. ft. covered successfully

✅ 250 + happy clientele (corporates and residences)

✅ Over 15,000 ad-hoc disinfection services completed for residences and offices alike

✅ 10,000 cars disinfected Hallmark Services were one of the first service providers to use a completely non-toxic, odourless, stainless and eco-friendly disinfectant.

This has a dry up period of only 15 minutes and is completely safe for pets, kids and senior citizens as well as all electronic devices (zero alcohol content). Additionally, their trademark Dry Fog Disinfection technique made them unique as the first company creating awareness on the importance tackling both aerial and surface transmission channels for COVID spreading.

The team of professionally trained disinfection agents have worked tirelessly servicing COVID collection centres for their clients like Metropolis Labs (COVID collection centres pan Bombay), Rivaara Labs, Jaslok Hospital, Reliance Foundation Hospital, Consul Generals, Schools, Restaurants, retail stores etc. More details on their journey can be found on

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