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Behind the statistics of COVID-19 deaths are married women mourning the loss of their husbands, who are often the sole breadwinner of the family. And yet, grieving for their loved ones gives way to finding ways to provide for the family.

Privy to this problem was Yudhvir Mor, Country Manager and Vice President of Engineering at Zuora, who started a personal initiative to enable women to take their time to grieve and offer professional guidance to earn a stable living.

After reaching out to ex-colleagues, college friends, and industry leaders, he started Covid Widow Help just a week ago, and has been able to rally help from around 3,500 volunteers.

“About 600 women reached out for support and we are looking for four kinds of personas to volunteer and help. This includes career and grief counsellors, industry leaders who can find necessary referrals, and professionals who can help with interview preparations,” Yudhvir says, adding, “Many are not ready for career guidance because they are in shock and traumatised.”

With most beneficiaries hailing from urban areas at the moment, the initiative aims to reach the maximum number of women who need help, beyond the city population. It is also looking to onboard women leaders from across industries to join the women-focused initiative.

While the initiative does not accept corporate or CSR sponsorship, it is looking for help from senior executives, media, and corporate houses to spread the word in their network.

Women can avail round-the-clock support in grief and career counselling, resume writing, gaining referrals, and preparing for interviews, and other areas of skill development.

Those seeking help are required to share their name, email ID, phone number, place of residence, and resume.

“When you come to us, rest assured, the first step has already been taken. Our volunteers will find the best fit for your skill sets and connect you with potential employers. We intend to make this process swift and seamless so that you find independence and peace at the earliest,” the initiative states.

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